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Our Automotive Services

Reliable Auto Car Repair Services for Vehicles in Springfield Illinois

Are you having trouble getting your car started, need new tires before your next trip, or have a dent ruining the image of your car? At T&C Automotive in Springfield, Illinois we offer a variety of auto repair services such as limited body repair, tire services, and engine repairs that will have your vehicles look and running like new in no time! Our staff knows everything about vehicles of all makes and models and will have a solution for any of your car troubles. Customer satisfaction is important to T&C Automotive, so our goal is to have you leave satisfied with our services. Call us today at 217-816-0534 to schedule your auto repair!
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Engine & Battery Repairs

Without an engine or battery, your car would be useless; they are the heart and brain of your vehicle. For your car to run smoothly you want your engine and battery in perfect condition. At T&C Automotive specializes in engine and battery repairs and maintenance so that your vehicle lasts. We offer the best prices for our dependable engine and battery services in the Springfield, Illinois area. Schedule your routine engine maintenance with T&C Automotive, you won’t regret it!

Limited Auto Body Repair

Have you recently been in a car accident and need your bumper replaced or need that dent removed? T&C Automotive in Springfield, Illinois specializes in body repairs that make your car look brand new again! We can work on minor imperfections like dimples and scratches or remove and replace those unfixable parts like hoods, trim, and more. If you want your car to look flawless again, choose T&C Automotive as your professionals for affordable and reliable body repair services.

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Tire Services

Bad tires can be dangerous for you or anyone else on the road. If you have a flat, punctured tire, or any other tire damage you should have your tires repaired or replaced ASAP. At T&C Automotive in Springfield, IL we can either repair or replace your tires in a timely fashion, getting you in and out in a flash. Our reliable team provides the best in tire services that will keep you safe on the road. Don’t hesitate any longer and bring your car to T&C Automotive for dependable tire services!

We Also Offer the Following Automotive Services:

Can’t find what you need above? We offer auto repair services and maintenance on a wide range of systems in your vehicle. Give us a call today to schedule a car inspection to get you safely on the road again.

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